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Ermas in Nassau Bay  /  Healthy Way Dairy in Santa Fe

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Frequently Asked Question?

  • Q: Are you Certified Organic?

    While we feed our flocks 100% Certified Organic, Verified Non-GMO, Non-Soy, Non-Medicated feed. The one of the reason why we ourselves are not officially certified, is simple, if a farmer wants to use the USDA Organic label, they must pay a bunch of money to fill out loads of paperwork to prove they did not use chemicals. While another farmer can spray chemicals and add chemicals to their soil, which requires no label for the public. As we live in an rural area, our flocks are grazed on open fields with rich nutritious grasses and weeds. Someone has to pay the cost of being certified, and it is will always be us the consumer. We provide the highest quality eggs, meat and honey through clean feeds, pastures and humane practices.


  • Q: What Pastured & Free Range Mean?

    With the exception of “Pasture Raised”, most of the terms used on an egg carton have been hijacked by the egg industry as marketing ploys.

    Free Range is FREE RANGE:

    According to the USDA regulation, “free range” only means that the chickens were allowed “access” to the outside with no specifications as the quality or the duration of that outside exposure. So unfortunately, this term is mostly used where the chickens are crammed in large warehouses that has a small door on one end that opens to a few feet of outside dirt space. Most of the chickens never even know that door exists and couldn’t get there even if they wanted to.


    YES!  At the moment, THIS is the term to go for.Although it does not have any current regulations, it is being used by sustainable farmers to mean chickens raised in the outdoors..in the pasture. Pastured raised eggs are what we think they are. This is what you want to buy if you are shopping for eggs. (Until the industry hijacks this term too).



  • Q: What do you feed your chickens?

    Our chickens are fed what we believe is the finest feed available.  Our feeds come from Coyote Creek located in Elgin, Texas.  The feeds are Certified Organic by the USDA and the State of Texas and the feed is also Verified NON GMO.  Our birds are also pastured daily so they can find other natural sources of protein such as bugs, etc in the grasses they graze.  Our houses are moved weekly to a new “Salad Bar” pasture so the birds can not only get more nutritious foods, but also they fertilize the pasture making better grasses for both the Cattle and Chickens to forage.


  • Q: Where do you keep all your birds?

    Our birds are kept in pastures within the Santa Fe, Texas area.  We currently use Healthy Way Dairy as our primary pasture.  The birds help the environment by removing unwanted weeds, seeds, bugs, pests, etc and by placing fertilizing naturally with their clean poo.  Sustainable!  We are currently looking at a 400 acre plot as well in the Santa Fe area and will have more info to follow.


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