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Family Owned Locally/Pastured Egg Business

Hello family, friends and those of you who genuinely care about eating quality foods.

My wife (Karen), my son (Jared) and my daughter (Kellye) and I (Ken) would like to welcome you to our farm. As a young boy I grew up in Corpus Christi Texas where I grew up with 10 brothers and sisters and we were raised by two loving and very hardworking parents. We lived in a small community of Flour Bluff, Texas next to the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. As you might expect, we lived on a very small lot of land. I have always loved to be around farm animals.

I later joined and served this great nation in the United States Army for three years of my young adulthood. Karen and I married after my military stint in the early 80’s and we both were very busy with college and working. We both graduated and worked as NASA for about 10 years each. After my time with NASA as a Contracting Officer, I went to the United States Army Corp of Engineers where I was the Deputy for Small Business for 15 years where I eventually retired in November of 2017.


We started raising hens for our own purpose to have fresh eggs and enjoy their company. Well, today here we are! We we raise birds for eggs, and retail them from 65 local HEB's and 15 Kroger stores.  Our desire to serve you has come from your desire to support our farm and what it stands for. It is our goal to treat our birds with the utmost respect. We allow them to live their lives as freely and naturally as possible, with as little interference from us as possible. We believe this is how we derive the best possible foods from them and keep them healthy and happy.

Our flock is made up of Hy-line Browns. Our flock of the Hy-line Browns are a productive hen that is docile and enjoys grazing in open pastures. These birds are given homes where they can sleep and rest at night in peace without the worries of predators such as skunks, opossums, raccoons, dogs, owls, etc. They are let out of their homes early in the mornings to graze in open pastures on fresh grasses, bugs, bask in the sun and just be birds in general. Their homes are moved weekly to a new salad bar. 

Kenz Henz is based out of Santa Fe located at 4602 Tower Rd., which is a few miles south of Houston.



Ken's interest in raising poultry increased when he started learning about how chickens were raised in Commercial Farms in Cages and large houses that forbid the chickens from being outside in there natural habitat, grazing, flying, running and sunning.  We feed our flock a high quality supplemental feed that has no Animal by Products and no antibiotics.  "I learned that food is way more important than giving us fuel every day," Ken soon discovered that others were making the same connection of how important it was to give the chickens a natural environment. Before I knew it, I was going to farmers markets, It made me feel good to help people. I could give them something they needed, something they wanted, and that was local, healthy food.

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